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Program Details
Tuesday/Thursday: Adult Beginner 1 - $80.00

This level is for those first timers looking to gain more confidence in the water! Focusing on breathing techniques, horizontal body position and recovery and arm and leg movements for forward progression. We offer this class in the shallow 3’6-4’ area of our pool! Many skills will be taught with buoyancy assistance progressing to slight assistance.

Participants will work on:
• Enter water using ramp, steps or side
• Exit water using ladder, steps or side
• Blow bubbles through mouth and nose
• Bobbing
• Open eyes underwater and retrieve submerged objects
• Front and back glides and recover to a vertical position
• Back float
• Roll from front to back and back to front
• Tread water using arm and hand actions
• Alternating and simultaneous arm and leg actions on front
• Alternating and simultaneous arm and leg actions on back
• Combined arm and leg actions on front and back

It is common for children to participate in several sessions of before they successfully demonstrate each skill and progress to Beginner 2. That is okay! It is not important how quickly they move through a level, but that they acquire each skill.

Program Offerings

There are no offerings available at this time

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